Paris Tips for Travellers


A Trip to Paris

Visiting Paris for the first time might be a great experience for anyone and bringing along some tips could be helpful

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Paris, also known as, the City Of Light, offers some of the sensational activities one can expect. Either visiting for the first time or being a frequent traveller, the city gives you more reasons to keep on exploring, going from famous monuments to museums full of good memories.

Everyone willing to explore and have a memorable experience of Paris might need to look at some of these tips. Having those all the way during your visit can help you make your stay as worthy as possible.

Speaking in the city

The official language in Paris is French, even though many other regional languages exists. Travellers might think of being cautious speaking French but people in there are very welcoming and love you making some effort to express interest in their language. Try that way to learn and speak a bit of French, even few words. The least you can do is to learn how to greet and say farewells.

Example: Hi, Hello – Salut; Goodbye- Aurevoir; Goodnight- Bonne nuit

Exploring the city

When exploring the city, it might be useful to use the metro, which is most likely the cheapest mode of transport. Metro stations are all over Paris and tickets can be bought at any of them. It is always a good practice to buy tickets in bulk to save money. There is also monthly and weekly tickets, which applies also for buses. Rent a car if you will be visiting the French countryside.

French gastronomy is among the best in the world. When in Paris, do not hesitate to dine a one of the restaurant. It is normal that you give a tip of any rate but 15 %, and leaving change seems polite in Paris.

Information for Tourists is available at the Eiffel tower, on the Champs-Elysees, and in five main railway stations: Gare du Nord, Gare Saint-Lazare, Gare d’Austerlitz, Gare de Lyon, Gare Montparnasse where you can get all sort of flyers, maps, and information.

A Shopping to remember

Going for shopping in Paris can be an amazing exercise that can be tiring and fun at the same time. Paris is a heaven for buyers and offers many options including jewelries, designer clothing, and great perfumes.  Always remember to check for prices discounts, that way you are more likely buy more goods at a cheaper price and bring some money home.

Everything together

Security in Paris is not of great concern but be careful of robbers in the Metro and at tourist hot spots. Leaving things you will not need at the hotel will always be a good idea. Accommodation prices vary between seasons. It may be good to visit Paris throughout spring and autumn to avoid congestion. Comparing hotel price, cheaper accommodations and airfares is a good idea that can save you money.

I hope that these advises might help you in the future. Paris is a large, attractive city and surely, you do not want to make your stay a disaster by violating some rules. Take time to find out about other tips to add on what you already know about travelling to Paris. You might be interested in how to prepare for you next Trip by following this guide.

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